RSF Village Uusikaupunki has been implemented to accommodate the needs of automotive workers. In the first phase, there will be 240 rooms in the village that share a common toilet, shower and kitchen areas. Rooms are generally single rooms, but some double rooms are also available. Housing benefits include things like internet access.

Blankets, pillows and bed linen etc. and their maintenance is included in the accommodation. Each of the occupants is responsible for the condition of their living room. All guests staying in the hostel undertake to abide by the applicable regulations and guidelines, failure to comply with which may result in a temporary or full loss of accommodation.

Applying for the accommodation: send the application form below filled with
Acceptance of the accommodation will be announced separately and the accommodation agreement and RSF Village order will be sent to the approved persons.

Cancellation: cancellation of the accommodation by phone or e-mail +358 50 4141 299,
Inquiries: responsible for accommodation village tel. +358 50 4141 299.

Additional details